Who deserves the Ultimate Blame

Therapist asked JB : “If you can change a part of your past, what would that be? And why?”

JB cocked an eyebrow recites like a slogan : “Formulated reply never went far from the old chest nut : Nothing should have been changed as our past sculptured the present us”

Therapist asked JB: ” Well I only interested in want to what you think.”

JB said : ” I’m Sorry, it’s a force of habit to answer whatever my boss wants to hear. Frankly, I don’t give a dime about the past anymore”

Therapist is curious: ” Oh yeh? Why’s that? ”

JB shrugged:” God knows, Perhaps I am just an ordinary global product of Americanism, stumble along the tendency to look forward than backward. ”

Therapist is balls her eye out, questions:” So, this is the way to justify your lack of concern of from the past…..”

JB swiftly added:” and most importantly my anxiety of the uncertainties as well.”
Therapist contemplates :” interesting, and you said that you also contempt those who lives in the fantasy for an altered past?”

JB smugly blurted : “Precisely! Oh and I also blame my scorn for the unbearable present because of my British background.”

Therapist squints and tries to penetrate into JB’s mind: ” That explains a lot. So how do you see yourself in the future?”

JB snapped his finger:”  That’s what bugs me! I long for a transformation into the future. ”

Therapist :” and you don’t call that a fantasy?”

JB presents his opened palms: ” Hell no, fantasy is mourning over the impossible, but I live in the Apple era- ‘ Anything is possible”

Therapist is enlightened: “Well guess who deserves the ultimate blame? It’s the culture of convenience which cultivate people’s urgency for quick solutions of the unendurable. “

~ by lesstraveledby on September 1, 2008.

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