If you forgot where you have been, you won’t know where you are going

Perhaps, I shouldn’t voice over my personal frustration in such a “condemning” tone. Perhaps, I’m thwarted at the feeble myself. Perhaps, the way I’m being driven into a vicious cycle of aggravation as a result of a perpetual self-disapproval nature.

Looking back to the past, my achievements have ever quarantined from self-gratification. I’m not sure if I have ever tasted the joy of “Victory” even my defeated enemy present in front the mirror in constant misery. While my glory is yet to be affirmed but the battle is determined to be poignant.

Self-motivated endeavour has infinite power, to drive strong will to success and fulfillment only if we possess the power. Having a supercharged turbo sport is no guaranteed to excel; conversely, we doomed to fail if speed is over accelerated without restrain at the pinnacle, as called ” lose of control” . My argument is therefore: the overcharged strong will could derived our ability from feeling satisfied or happy.

Yes, being happy is neither an emotion, nor mental condition but an ability. No one is entitled to it just like having intact body part; regardless of gender, social economic background, appearance, body image academic performance etc. The ultimate ingredient for depression is not illness and poverty, but an inability to justify self-satisfaction. The way how some of us allow our value to be labeled against standards that are ever higher to achieve.

“If you’ve forgotten where you have been, you obviously wouldn’t know where you are going”. In cases like some among us tend to be reluctant to acknowledge our foregone achievements; instead, we gripping on the desirable destination, in terms of ” how to get there, how long does it take us there, or why are we not there yet.”

For instant, a frustrated manager wondering why he’s unable to influence his subordinates’ input the way he expects. There could be millions of lingering factors, eg. work design, economic climate etc; however, we would like to limit our discuss more inclined to a motivational approach. I’d say he has a lack of understanding about them, just like you don’t fully understand yourself well enough. Sometimes we to over focus on particular traits, could be either positive and negative depends on the various situation and personalities.

We offer favours to people who we project to appreciate our action. I don’t feel like I can ever pleased my dad in despite of my best endeadours, every time when I rang him to say hello, he complaints that I don’t call him enough, rather than be gland that I rang. So I subconsciously avoid ringing him , as I feel pressured to do so.

Applying in the situation in which our mind(e.g. the way we think) dominates our action and feeling, the danger occurs when we fails to acknowledge our achievements, but constantly urge ourselves to strive. That explains how some people get caught up in vicious cycle :” harder endeadour rewards no success but failure”. One’s unconscious mind simply lost the motivation to strive for better outcome even without one’s realization.

Alternatively, our self-esteem damages throughout a series of suppressed frustration, not hard to imagine some of us are more likely to response such sensation; in the long run, we lost our faith in us, our believe in our ability; again, such logic process functions in our unconscious mind, we may not always realize our mind may have possibly expelled enthusiasm in order to avoid forthcoming failure.

Scary like it sounds, I went the way hard to come up with the above realization as I am now truly strung by the “curse of failure”- too strong to give in, too frail to give more. ( Continued in “curse of failure”- too strong to give in, too frail to give more.

~ by lesstraveledby on August 17, 2008.

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