Finding a New Way Out

“I’m STUCK!!!!” People yelling out aloud when they notice themselves being trapped into sticky situations or states which cause obstruction. The despaired individuals are desperate to find “a ways out”, who anticipate to be rescued. It is never the end of the world with a realistic sense of self-awareness I don’t think, as long as one still looks forward to glimpse of hope.

” Things can’t be any worse, just hold on to your faith, fight for it and do the best you can, I’m sure the situation will be better sooner than you think.” Comforting remarks are the blind stick to rely on walking through the dark.

The fact is things can always be worse. Excuse my ridicule, but do you know when you are really stuck? It is when you are accommodating and somewhat ease with the undesirable condition if you only know. Although it is repulsive to admit : people that stuck tend unconsciously lie to themselves and the others, claimed ” It’s life, there’s nothing you can do about it”. Not a reference to daily frustrating trivial, but to lived like a corpse, a dysfunctional being armed against virtus and retreated into the “windows safe mode”. But you’re reluctant to restore the system because there’s no healthy state on the record.

Overt harsh indeed. Perhaps, I shouldn’t voice over my personal frustration in such a “condemning” tone. Perhaps, I’m thwarted at the feeble myself. Perhaps, the way I’m being driven into a vicious cycle of aggravation as a result of a perpetual self-disapproval nature. (Continued in article ” If you don’t know where you’ve been, you don’t know where you’re going” …)

~ by lesstraveledby on August 16, 2008.

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