Value the Difference

My own personal background is Applied Advanced Mathematical Economics, merely the literate thought of it, was used to be enough to make me cringed a little. My instinctive presumption was “It must be a sour staled lemon”- distasteful. The most challenging part is that it requires us to break through the freewill of thinking, and transformed into a highly logic- in the abstract sense. For instance, when it requires you to think : ” an apple is in fact an orange.” Then you must be think how can that happen? But you just need to assume it was the case and analyse whatever requests, in a multi-dimension realm. Are you with me? Yes? No? Don’t worry.

I guess my message is trying to convey that, withhold your original perceptions and develop much more broader apprehension. My boyfriend is an extreme opinionated person, (ps. I think it’s an ego phenomenon:- a “tough” macho imagine that he desires to be perceived) He asks my opinion of XYZ, (ps. Again, I think is a “high ball” strategy, an unconscious reaction of human when they feel like being evaluated). I was reluctant to explicit my POV, he pressured ” Is it because you are not confident in enough to at least express your opinion?”

I smiled while remained claim as usual, I tipped down my chin, slight natural frowned as I had a brain freeze when the sentence is right at the tip of the tongue; then I looked back up to his face and swiftly glance about 15 degrees away, my left shoulder shrugged a little and said : ” No, I don’t think my opinion matters…..” He is attentive to his opportunity to speak, quickly rubbed in before I finished my sentence :” So you are afraid others’ opinion about you?” At this exact moment, I felt the need to expel his own perceived advantage position to further pressure and interrogate me like a criminal. At this exact moment, I looked right at him, emotionless. At this exact moment, dilated pupils not out of being offended, but out of the experience of an enlightenment – that I discovered a profound way of thinking style that acquired throughout the years, I knew precisely what to say, my inner pride heightened deep inside my humble shield, smiled out of witty joy ” An objective opinion is prejudice, that I choose to discard, in hopes to stand higher to see more”.

All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.
-Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

I deeply believe “There are no facts, only interpretations”, thus I decided to setting up a blog to track down my insights and learning, while they are constantly modified based on my reflection that is shared with fellow bloggers. As I believe conflicts(various form,including inner spiritual) are mostly created by a lack of understanding in different interpretations). One who values the difference in perceptions, it is the one who is able to gain upon one’s own awareness. Once again, difference shouldn’t be a hindrance but a facilitator that makes life more interesting, and that is something we often neglected .

~ by lesstraveledby on August 11, 2008.

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