Demystify the Twisted Apprehension of Fear and Depression (Part II)

Psychiatry is the pressure value of the society
Author argues Psychiatry is an “illusion” that a society needs , it is a lie which created unrealistic expectations in people and no way of fulfilling them. Here’s what a society looks like under the similar economic conditions, but without psychiatry:

The absence of hope

Today’s popular frustrations over flat-lining living standards have been building for years. The recent boom, felt only by the already well-off, has done little to change that discontent. Labor unrest has been growing for months; violent protests erupted… corporate taxes will be raised and gasoline subsidies cut… The move was designed to take the steam out of boiling anti-government sentiment.

I must admit when things go wrong, people always tend to find something else to blame in order to make us feel better. The so called mainstream explanation of “brain chemical imbalance” is not yet validated in a more persuasive way to justify our uncontrollable negative feelings. People with disturbed mental condition can not afford to be any more guilty about their unhappiness is, in fact a result of the way they think.

I personally interpret mental illness as a condition when one’s perception( expectation, interpretation, self-evaluation) is not adjusted in a equilibrium state with ones surrounding environment.

I disagree with the way you portrait human,much overtly vulnerable than we already are. My attitude is sceptical but not cynical, the difference is cynics are “do-nothingism”, so strong on their POV but at the same time so weak to believe in themselves.

If we can’t change how things are, then change the way we think. Roads are only exists by your willingness to explore. I’m not kidding either.

~ by lesstraveledby on August 6, 2008.

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