Demystify the Twisted Apprehension of Fear and Depression (Part I)

“What doesn’t kill you, make you stranger”- The Joker

Sometime ago, I started to affiliate myself with “anxiety disorder” or “depression”, which isn’t that strange really, considering the fact that mental illness is already a prevalent lexicon in the current society. The mainstream scientific explainations are: Some cynic perceive the phenomenon as another marketing device- constantly invent demand and eventually benefits the pharmaceutical industry. While some thinks that “People use to juggle with 2 balls, and now we’re doing 4,5 or even 6.”

Hence, such condition is not such a valid excuse to justify our vulnerability or inactivity. Human brains are so complex and resourceful, look at these fruitful technology development; and yet they can be so weak some point, that could drive us crumbled to the floor.

On the other hand, we are only human for God’s sake, why do we need those so called “psychiatrist” to label what is the “normal” “abnormal” human emotion and behaviour? And don’t get me start on that blaming game, according to Psyblog “Mental illness may have been exaggerated

“If you continue to tell someone they have a disorder, they soon come to believe it.”

Sufferers maybe thinking ” So why have changed the way I feel? How can I get out of it? Life sucks at the moment! Help me!!!” In terms of Demystifying the Twisted Apprehension of Fear and Depression, I am here to argue : YOU think the way you feel; YOU and there’s ONLY YOU can make you feel better, and I will introduce some “How-tos” in the next few parts or the series.

~ by lesstraveledby on August 6, 2008.

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