In the current marketised economy, demand is exponentially invented to equipped with our “needs”. Oversexuallised women image are frequently advertised not even on TV, movies but also at the bus stop. An almost naked sexy bum is not even selling sex-related products, but surprisingly merely an energy drink or ice-cream. People believe sex sells. Just when we are surfing on the net, it is not even hard to realise that there’s almost more than two third of sexualised women ads are popped into our face without a choice.

Reality TV show producers starts to use “Plus size” models, sending rhetorical message to those concerned women that “You can still be sexy without an anorexic body”. But back to the topic, you still have to be sexy and attractive in sight to be appealing.

Personally, I don’t agree or sometimes even disguise women who dress in revealling outfit in hopes to be seen as attractive. It is okay to show a bit of cleavage but not too sure about those Jenna Jameson wannabes. Don’t you feel uncomfortable to be hanging there like a piece of meat, winks from random pedestrian makes me feel nothing more than just been visually raped. But you really can’t blame others, as you have chosen to be treated this way.

For those who aren’t naturally born blonde, do we all need peroxide to infuse with our natural body scent to be sexy? Are women always more “sexy” to bare with brutal and wiggling as a “plugged turky”? Is acting “skanky” making us more “fun” or “interesting” and more essentially dateworthy candidates?

NO! I still gonna stick my gun to dress descent, shine with your day with my wholesome smile, rather than a pair of fake tanned leg of mine.

~ by lesstraveledby on July 24, 2008.

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